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Hi All,

How can I apply an app protection policy to Android Enterprise and/or iOS BYOD-enrolled devices?
Filters are not showing up in the assignments section for the app protection policy, unlike what’s mentioned in the documentation.
However, filters show up fine for the app assignment.

Posted by Anonymous member in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Mohamed Elwan

    Filters used in MAM should be created for managed Apps, please confirm this point
    Otherwise, you can raise an MS case, expecting this to be a bug.

    Replied by Anonymous member

    Mohamed Elwan is Trying for the filter type ‘Managed Devices’. It shows up fine for Assignment in the App configuration policy and app assignment to the user group just that it’s not getting listed for the App protection policy. Will raise an MS case. Thank you

    Replied by Nick Cowley

    aAs Mohamed Elwan mentioned for app protection policies you HAVE to use managed app filters, managed device filters will not be selectable

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