App Uninstall Assignments issues


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App Uninstall assignments:
Does Uninstall take precedence? Or it won’t work if I have the same people included in the Required assignment as well?
Posted by Patrick O’Frani in HTMD FB Group
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    Replied by Mitchell Scott

    Owais Farooqui ahh yes, I didn’t notice the same group being added to required and uninstall. This is correct. Not sure why you’d have the same group in required/uninstall thought?

    Replied by Shijin Mohammed

    Install takes precedence in case of win32 apps.


    Replied by Mitchell Scott

    Uninstall should take precedence.

    Replied by Oliver Kieselbach

    Hi, the IME agent will evaluate the intend to required install and the uninstall is simply ignored

    Replied by Owais Farooqui

    It will uninstall the app but upon next IME sync Intune will reinstall as it is assigned as required as well. This does not work like inclusion and exclusion. So you should not have the same group/user/device assigned for both install and uninstall. App will continue to be in a loop of uninstall and install.

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