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Need some advise for Application Failure error under Account -> Access Work or School -> Info (page), i have seen almost all the the user getting this error:
Concern: How to find such application which is causing this error, or how to fix this.
Environment: Co-Managed Environment (Intune & SCCM 2006) and Applications are managed via SCCM, Client App workload is set to SCCM. Moreover Not even single application publish via Intune.

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Manav Kashyap 7 months 2020-11-27T12:47:58+05:30 1 Answer 48 views Beginner 0

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  1. You mean Intune is deploying applications to co-managed devices. First of all, you need to make whether you are targeting any application to those devices … the application workload in co-management is mobile apps or MDM apps? I don’t know whether this is applicable for Intune Management Extension.

    You can check Intune Management Extension Logs to understand this better

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