Company Portal Not Applicable after enrollment Windows 10


I have been enrolled a Windows 10 1809 device to Intune and it’s enrolled, but company portal app is not getting installed, in Intune under the device the Company portal app shows as not applicable. Also when we deploy any app as required it gets installed on the device.
Kindly suggest on what all we can check and get the app installed on that machine.

If possible kindly help me with the complete logging and checks we can do from enrollment till company portal app installation.

It’s been more than a week I have deployed the offline company portal app and it’s still not installed on the workstation and in Intune it shows not applicable.


Please help

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  1. I have seen this issue many times before recently

    I think Intune company portal not applicable and installed failed as per Intune reports.

    However, when I checked the laptop, the app was installed successfully

    I tried with Offline and Online version of Company portal and both have the same issue as you explained

    Offline Company portal install is more stable …IMHO

    I also noticed that NOT applicable status shall automatically get changed to INSTALLED after 2-3 hours


      Hello Annop,
      It’s been 4-5 days that we have deployed the company portal offline app and it shows the same and the app is also not getting installed on the machine.

      What all we can check

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