Managing windows 10 updates


We are currently using Sccm Intune co management to manage Windows 10 devices

We have configured in such a way like windows quality and feature updates are being managed through Intune deployment rings


We wish to migrate to Sccm to manage updates now due to the limitation of pausing feature update for only 365 days


We have made necessary changes in Sccm and have managed to configure the windows updates being managed by Sccm


Now we wish to uninstall in 45 devices where feature update has got installed in those test devices to 2004 version during our testing process


Now we wish to bring back those devices to Standard version which is 1809 in our environment


Can we create a ring in Intune and trigger uninstall feature update on those devices,Will Intune still have control to uninstall them As Sccm has been now taking precedence to manage the updates

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    Hi Anoop,

    As to migrate the Windows updates from Intune to Sccm we have removed the assignments of those rings

    Currently we have 40-50 Odd machines across business where we have tested them in different scenarios on the ways of upgrading to latest version of windows and we wish to bring them back to standard version

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    I have not tested this. But feel free to test it.

    Is there any reason for the removal of those rings?


    Hi Anoop
    Thanks for your reply

    Currently the rings are removed for that device

    Can I configure a new ring and manage to remove that?


    You should have used Windows 10 Feature Update rings as I explained in the below intune training episode …

    You can’t uninstall feature updates after the number of days mentioned in the post here

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