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I am trying to find out if there is an automatic way to assign the device category when the device is provisioned or joins IntuneAzure AD. Example, I have an Autopilot provisioned device and I open Company Portal to install some software, and the first thing it does is ask me to categorise my device as a Private or Company. I want all devices to be Company.


Is this possible?



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    Thanks Jitesh,

    We have done that, however the selection is still manual and this is the part, the last point in the steps below, I want to automate:
    Step 3: Select Device Category
    When users enroll their Windows devices they will need to assign a category in the online Intune portal

    Clicking on the device will show them the outstanding notification and allow them to select a category

    In the top right of the portal they will also see a notification

    Here we see the two categories I set up for the users to select. Since this machine is a Company Owned Device I will select the category. Behind the scenes, this device is added to that dynamic group and allows for a better management experience.


    You can use Intune device categories to automatically add devices to groups based on categories that you define. you will create dynamic groups, based on the device category and device category name.

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