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Hi all,
I set up a Device Configuration policy for each department and assigned it to the relevant
MS Teams groups, then set the ‘Configure team site libraries to sync automatically‘ setting to mount
the teams files for that department, all worked ok until I started setting up the managers, well
they wanted a Team for all of the managers, easy enough, they’re just members of two teams, no
problems there, but Intune started giving ‘conflict’ errors. The ‘Configure team site libraries to
sync automatically‘ is set in both the department and managers policies giving a conflict. There
must also be other settings like this that need to be cumulative rather than either/or? Does
anyone have a way of getting around this?


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  1. Hello – I think this is a known issue with Intune device configuration profiles.

    There is no way to automatically remove those conflicts at this point in time. The only option is to manual interference to sort out the policies conflict via exclusion logics in Intune assignments.

    If multiple policies are assigned to the same user or device, how do I know which settings get applied? Can you see more details

    Also there is User voice item to automatically fix this Intune profile conflict issues and have some policy preferences and priority settings for Intune policies –

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