Auto patch/update of thrid party apps


How to Auto-patch or autoupdate any third party apps that are deployed through Intune. Any scripts? or a workaround?

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    I second Anoop’s recommendation of PatchMyPC. It’s just simple, brilliant, and does the job very well. Give that a try.

  1. Hello – I had a review post about PatchMyPC (paid product) to have this option of automatic update of apps and patches.

    They have a robust method of doing this !!

    Worth a try for evaluation

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    Depends of how the 3rd party apps were deployed to Intune managed devices.

    I suppose we discuss about Windows (it is quite similar for other platforms). You can deploy 3rd party apps were deploy as Microsoft Store (for Business) apps, Web Apps, LOB (so you may use .msi, .msix, .intunewin or any othe formats).

    If the application is deployed from the Microsoft store, the updates are automatically done (a new incremental version will be installed)
    If the application was deployed as .msi (as an example, Google Chrome), the a new version means that the new package have to be uploaded and deployed.

    Do not take these options easily: in a corporate environment it is something common to NOT update to the last version on the spot, to keep a certain compatibility with existing application or for any other reasons. Also, check deployment options in Intune (like “Ignore the installed version” to decide the best scenario for you.


      Store apps we are using very limited.

      Mostly MSI and .exe

      For now, few popular apps like firefox, chrome and other security apps like crowdstrike, bit9 are being auto update based on their logics be it registry key or a policy or the task schedule in case of Adobe.

      Now coming to zoom, i tried using the key/command line they provided but it doesn’t work.

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