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What is your approach to AutoPilot machines that suddenly fail over time and need a reinstallation but you cannot do it from Intune, and you need a physical medium to do it. Do you send a USB stick with Windows 11, or do a PXE-boot installation if that’s something you have. Or what do you do to, when you do not want machine back, but fix it remotely?

Posted by Jacob Engelmann Olsen in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Ryan Matthew

    I would ship them a replacement, and when you get the other one back put it back in rotation.

    Replied by Matthew Salisbury

    Send out a ready spare and a FedEx return label.

    Replied by Zubair Wani

    When windows can’t load! You cannot do anything remotely! It has to be done physically!


    Replied by Paul Thomas

    Potential solution of creating a hidden recovery partition on the device, assuming the Manufacturer hasn’t already left one there.

    Replied by Chris Evans

    – Reset from Windows settings menu.
    – Boot menu to restore OS/reset.

    Replied by Timothy Gruber

    An unattended Cloud image solution works well in a pinch. Users can do it no problem. If they can install and do stuff on their phone they can boot to USB by tapping a button as their computer turns on.


    Fore More Details Windows Autopilot Self-deploying Mode is now Generally Available

    Replied by Michael Pantner

    “Suddenly fail over time”?
    What do you mean?
    And are you talking hardware failure or disconnecting from Intune and becoming unmanaged?

    Replied by Blake Hibberd

    Expecting a regular user to be able to USB boot anything is a stretch, I can’t even get my users to read bolded and highlighted instructions

    Replied by Jacob Engelmann Olsen

    It could be that it wont boot into windows at all. So I can´t preform a remote fresh install, since the PC wont start windows. Could be missing files or some update went wrong or anything.

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