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Hi All,

Autopilot deployment. How do I get rid of these pins?
I have tried disabling DisableWindowsConsumerFeatures = 1 through a PowerShell script, but doesn’t work on the first user login.

Posted by Paul Sterud in HTMD FB Group


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  1. Replied by Mhd Zhd

    Removing bloatware would be a good start

    Replied by Phillip Smith-Keitley

    Either of these might be of some use (One was for Windows 10, but it might work with 11 as well).

    Replied by
    Mathieu Ait Azzouzene

    Replied by Lloyd Smith…/customize-start-menu…

  2. Replied by Lee Burridge

    Ismail Kirik, oh, that would be nice. Bare bones Windows, ahhhh…. I don’t have that luxury because most of my clients buy from… well, literally anywhere, haha. We do our own custom builds, though. About 30 minutes, and you get whatever version of Windows preloaded with whatever apps you want. It takes a mixture of autopilot and some custom stuff to achieve it. It’s pretty slick. Then we let MEM strip out all the crap.

    Replied by Ismail Kirik

    Lee Burridge that is also what I am doing at this moment with the devices that we buy ourselves. But in the future, I want (until it’s possible) only default Windows 10 devices and for the vendors to import the hashs id’s in our tenant, like ABM with iOS devices

    Replied by Lee Burridge

    Ismail Kirik is nice. I had a client who was buying direct from Dell, and the hashes were in someone else’s tenancy that was fun. When it works, it works well.

  3. Replied by Ismail Kirik

    Create a new start menu with an XML file

    Replied by Lee Burridge

    Ismail Kirik’s custom start menu is the right answer. But I agree with the other answer about removing bloat too.

    Replied by Ismail Kirik

    Lee Burridge, true, that’s a default thing. What am I doing to remove them? You can even get your devices from the vendor without bloat software, just default Windows on it. Depends on what kind of appointments you make with them.

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