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What is the difference between autopilot and device enroll. I assume even when we enroll the device it gets all the policies from intune. So autopilot is only needed to reset the device ?

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    As Anoop mentioned, you don’t have to do the following process.
    Windows settings > School or Work > Join to AAD

    Windows AutoPilot automatically does the following:
    ・ Device enroll to Intune
    ・ Azure AD Join
    ・ Apply policy
    ・ App distribution
    etc …
    So the user just powers on the PC and enters his AAD account to complete the setup.
    (Although not perfect yet)
    Also, one of the big advantages I have is that Autopilot registration can be used for device registration restrictions.
    As far as I know, unlike iOS and Android in Intune, there is no way to determine BYOD and company device in Windows by serial number or IMEI. .
    The only criterion is whether to enroll with Autopilot.
    In recent remote work situations, there are many requests that home PCs do not want to access corporate resources, but that they can be accessed by company-distributed devices.
    So I think it’s powerful when combined with Azure AD Conditional Access.

    Best answer

    So Device enrollment can be considered as one of the steps in Autopilot process. Autopilot involves various other steps mentioned above. When I performed autopilot enrollment by importing csv , i had to do Windows settings > School or Work > Join to AAD in order to complete the process.


    Here you go

    Windows AutoPilot service is a collection of technologies to Simplify and automate Windows Out of Box Experience (OOBE experience). as we referenced over here ….

    Autopilot is a cloud-based provisioning service offered by Microsoft of Windows 10. You can compare with DEP with Apple world.

    Device enrollment can be linked-to Windows Autopilot process using the same method “MDM Auto enrollment for all Azure AD joined devices” as we discussed in Free Intune Training Day 2

    Device Enrollment is an Intune service

    Windows Autopilot is provisioning services

    Windows Autopilot service works with Intune, Azure AD, Windows Store for Bussiness to provide a better provisioning service for end users and IT!

    Does this make sense ?

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