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I’m new in this group. We have a customer with a lot of archive data. We are looking for a best practice solution for the customer. How do you do that? I was thinking for a windows file server with Azure AD Connect, or is a Synology NAS also a good option with connection Azure AD. How is it possible to create a network share / drive letter to push this from Intune. And using the Microsoft 365 credentials

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    Replied by Tom Kristiansen

    Share via power shell

    Replied by Trevor Harris

    Usually you wouldn’t map archival data to a drive letter, you’d put it in an Azure cold storage tier and retrieve it from the Azure Portal as needed. If the data will be accessed frequently then i wouldn’t consider it archival.
    Azure AD has no relevance here as that is for synchronizing users and groups, not files.

    Replied by Mathias Segerlund

    Blob storage


    For More Details Advanced Insights of SCCM Data

    Replied by Adnan Hendricks

    You can do azure file sync / file share map using posh

    Replied by Pim Hendriks

    Adnan Hendricks TNX. What is POEH?

    Replied by Adnan Hendricks

    Pim Hendriks power shell script

    Replied by Pim Hendriks

    Adnan Hendricks of course

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