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Hi All,

Hi everyone, I need help with a BitLocker issue. We have forced BitLocker to drive encryption from Intune. It applies to most of the devices but fails on a few. The policy shows successful, though, but the drive is not encrypted. When we try to manually enable it on those devices, we get the below error. There was never a group policy applied because they never joined to AD Domain. MS support has been no help at all. Any help is appreciated.

Posted by Sunny Arora in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Simon Hardy

    Joe Bowers could also just be a good old-fashioned reg key setting from some old script

    Replied by Joe Bowers

    Simon Hardy, aye, the next thing would be to check the registry for all the bit locker stuff, but that’s a bit needle haystack for me

  2. Replied by Joe Bowers

    I’d run gpresult and double-check any and all gpos, then run mdm diagnostics and hunt for bit locker stuff. I imagine you’ve got conflicting policies on mdm if you’ve never done a Gpo for bit locker before. It’s easy enough to end up like this.

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