Bitlocker Hybrid Azure AD Windows 10


How I can enable bitlocker on hybrid Azure as device , on standard user with the options to choose which drive I want to encrypt?

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    Its only enctypt the os drive
    I want to encrypt the another drive.
    What is the scrypt for that?


    Its not working
    Please give me the powershell script


    I working with hybride azure ad
    I need a powershell script that make bitlocker and i want to choose if i want to encript the os partision or avelibale pertision and anothers settings like the configuretion in intune

  1. Hello – Are you using SCCM or Intune to manage these devices?

    I hope you are using Intune to manage Azure AD join because you have posted in the Intune category of the forum.

    If so, please refer to Jitesh’s reply and go through that post.

    If you want to perform “same action” for HYBRID Azure AD devices, then pls refer to ..using PowerShell script with Win32 app

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  2. Hello, For Detailed Information.. Could you please check the great post for Bitlocker Drive Encryption –

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