How to Block OneDrive URL on managed windows device browser


Hi All,

I wanted to block one drive URL on managed windows device browser but not able to find the way to do it, need your input and suggestion on it.


Upendra Sing

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    Block access to a list of URLs using the Settings Catalog?
    Microsoft Edge
    Define a list of sites, based on URL patterns, that are blocked (your users can’t load them).

    Format the URL pattern according to

    You can define exceptions in the ‘URLAllowlist’ (Define a list of allowed URLs) policy. These policies are limited to 1000 entries; subsequent entries are ignored.

    Note that blocking internal ‘edge://*’ URLs isn’t recommended – this may lead to unexpected errors.

    This policy doesn’t prevent the page from updating dynamically through JavaScript. For example, if you block ‘’, users might still be able to visit ‘’ and click on a link to visit ‘’, as long as the page doesn’t refresh.

    If you don’t configure this policy, no URLs are blocked.

    Example value:

    Setting type: Device

    Supported on: Microsoft Windows 7 or later

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