Blocking Non-Organization Email Accounts in Outlook Desktop App


Hi All,

Hello Guys. Is there a way to block users from adding email accounts other than organisation email in the Outlook desktop app? I tried some policies (intune and group Policy) but doesn’t seem to work as expected, I am using Microsoft business premium license in our organisation. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks 🙏

Posted by  Shaikh Adil in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Shaikh Adil

    I could achieve this by creating 3 separate policies in intune. Please let me know if we can enhance this.
    Link for HD image. Will expire in 7 days
    Garth Jones
    Phan Thanh Hải

    Replied by Garth Jones

    Glad you got it working

    Replied by Garth Jones

    What settings do you try? What is not working with them?

    Replied by Phan Thanh Hải

    Good question

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