Blocking Websites in Intune ADMX OMA-URI for Firefox Browser


Hi All,

Anyone knows the block websites Intune ADMX OMA-URI for fire fox browser? Thanks

Posted by Joe Ong in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Joe Ong

    Andre Williams have you tested this managing method thru configuration profiles? As far as i know you have to manage thru ADMX templates by importing both fire fox and mozilla ADMX and ADML.

    Replied by Joe Ong

    Andre Williams i found it here bro next time please dont give out false info without first testing.
    Windows (Intune)
    Value (string):

    But i cant seem to add more than one website under the value.
    The site below contains all templates just in case if anyone needs it.

    Replied by Andre Williams

    Joe Ong Your welcome…..

    Replied by Roger Naidu

    Copy and Paste your post into Chat GPT-4. I have found results that may help you. Check it out.


    Fore More Details Install Mozilla Firefox with Intune Enterprise App Catalog App

    Replied by Per Larsen

    Use the guide from Firefox to add the policy to Intune

    Replied by Andre Williams

    OMA-URI: ./Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Firefox/Block Websites

    Replied by Joe Ong

    Andre Williams just curious where did you get this? Because I don’t see the policy name nor string name of block sites in both fire fox ADMX and ADML.

    Replied by Andre Williams

    Level 1 contributor
    Joe Ong In the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center, go to “Devices” > “Configuration profiles”.
    Create a new profile or edit an existing one.
    For the profile type, select “Administrative Templates”.
    Under the “Settings” section, click “Add”.
    For the “Setting type”, select “OMA-URI Settings”.
    In the “OMA-URI Settings” section:
    OMA-URI: ./Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Firefox/Block Websites
    Data type: String
    Value: Enter the URLs or domains you want to block, separated by a semicolon (
    Example value: “;”…….
    Save the profile and assign it to the desired user or device groups.

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