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Hi All,

I am trying to set up Windows Hello for Business in a Hybrid AZAD environment. I did it successfully, but after first logging on, I received the following error: That option is temporarily unavailable. For now, please use a different method to sign in.
Only AZAD works perfectly. Do I need to enable some policy on on-premises AD?

Posted by Александър Томов in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Christopher Oliveira

    Do you have an article that you have followed to implement the solution?

    Replied by Александър Томов

    Christopher Oliveira has a lot of articles.

    Replied by Александър Томов

    MichÆl Courville thanks!

  2. Replied by Alexander Schmid

    You Need to wait about 30 min for the Replication

    Replied by MichÆl Courville

    Which trust model did you use? It’s a bit much to read, but do the planning worksheet and make sure you have everything ironed out correctly. All the necessary certificates issued, etc.…/hell…/hello-planning-guide

    Replied by Александър Томов

    Alexander Schmid there is another issue

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