BYOD MAM and multi-identity support


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A question around MAM and multi identities.

If a user has a personal device with a corporate app (e.g. Outlook) configured with MAM WE from one organisation but they also require access to the same for an additional organisation will it support multi-identity MAM policies on a device? I was under the impression that this was on the roadmap. Is that still correct? If this feature is due do we know when its likely to be available?


The main aim here is I am trying to address an issue for the customer where certain users can avoid carrying multiple devices from various organisations each with their own Intune policies. One device can have many MDM/MAM policies set and when the user logs in with a different identity if picks up the correct policies that are set for that organisation.


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  1. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any dates on this .

    But there is a user voice item,

    Support multi MAM protected accounts per device/app

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