Change in Pin code from 4 to 6 Numbers for mobile Devices


Hi All,

Just made a change in the PIN from 4 to 6 numbers for mobile devices. For most people, it wasn´t a problem. But I noticed:
– People did the change when it popped up on the screen and were compliant right after again. But they received the notification mail many hours after they got incompliant, and they got confused if they were compliant or not. The notification mail apparently gets triggered in another way and much later.
Also, many people experienced that their company portal should be upgraded, but they couldn´t because it says that the portal might be installed with another account even though it wasn’t. So the only solution is to remove the administration profile and enrol the device again. Why their device has been working fine for months with that company portal is unknown, and when it suddenly says an update is not possible

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  1. Replied by Rajesh Kumar

    Are you talking about ios or Android?

    Replied by Jacob Engelmann Olsen

    Rajesh Kumar ios

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