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I still don’t understand what would be appropriate to implement a feature like a third party log monitoring solution (eg Skysea) in a Microsoft solution. Much can be done with Azure Monitor, but it takes a lot of customization to make it specialized for client log monitoring. Since it is often required, client log monitoring can be done with MS! Is there anything that can be said?
There are quite a few topics about log monitoring with device management, so I would like to know how everyone is proposing.
I would be very happy if anyone could give me advice such as using this.

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    Thanks harjit and Anoop.

    Currently I testing systrack and also Splunk.
    As Anoop pointed out, agents could be blockers for Feature Updates, so we wanted to do the same with Microsoft solutions, if possible.
    If it is a style to collect logs and output it with a query, I think that it will be realized by Log Analytics base, but is it less sophisticated than Splunk? I think. I think systrack is very unique and can be used in many ways.
    Thank you for your valuable opinion!

  1. There are many vendors as Harjit correctly mentioned above..

    1. dynatrace
    2. systrack

    Need to be very careful before we select a vendor or solution (in my opinion)

    1. Overhead of adding new agent and
    2. Update & management of those agents with Windows 10 updates
    3. Do they have agent less and SaaS solution which works well with Azure components

    Best answer

    This is going to come down to preference, cost, data quantity, etc, so there won’t be a right or wrong answer. We use Splunk in my org.

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