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I have one of my customer is having CNAME for Intune is registered last year now when I am configuring the Intune for Autopilot purpose he send me an email that they already have one CNAME registered will it work or we need to reregister the new one.

Then I reply him that the registered one is the old one kindly registered the new in the below format can any one please confirm it the information shared by me is correct regarding CNAME or they can still use the one which is already registered.

OLD CNAME Already Registered

New one Shared by me.

Is this, CNAME required, or without this, we can achieve autopilot?

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    Thanks Anoop it Worked.


    I think you are already following the Microsoft doc that is a good place.

    What happens is that when the Intune MDM agent in Windows starts enrolling

    1. Takes the e-mail address/account ([email protected]) of the user
    2. Takes the domain portion (
    3. Check whether the DNS to see if there are CNAME records for
    4. If CNAME is not there – it prompts the user for their server name.

    I think you can test this scenario and might give you more ideas?

    In the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center, choose Devices > Windows > Windows enrollment > CNAME Validation.
    In the Domain box, enter the company website and then choose Test.

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