Co-management client could not connect


Team, I have setup co-management without CMG in cloud. There is no issue with the machines which is connecting through internal network means in hosted in data centre but those machine connecting from home/wifi using VPN , they are able to getting windows updates and installed properly but when I see status in Intune of the device, getting below error.

Configuration Manager agent state

Could not connect


The Configuration Manager client is currently unable to reach the Configuration Manager management point. Make sure the client can communicate with the server. For more information on client communication issues, see the CcmMessaging.log, LocationServices.log, or ClientLocation.log files on the Configuration Manager client.

Last Configuration Manager agent check in time

2/1/1900, 12:00:00 AM

Intune managed workloads

Compliance Policy; Windows Update for Business

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    Have you analysed locationservices.log to understand whether the client is contacting http mp ? Have you checked
    Vimal’s post about the communication flow

    This is very important to understand … you are expecting clients to contact internal MP .. instead of CMG ?

    Have you configured preferred mp?

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