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Hi All,

I have deployed company portal and some other applications from Intune to a MDM added machine (It’s not AD registered or AD joined). I could see all other applications are installed and working on the machine except company portal. Do I need to do any special settings on Intune to get the company portal installed?

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    I performed the below :-

    Removed the machine from MDM and rebooted

    Deleted the deployment from intune

    Tried to connect by joining AD register, It failed with incorrect username/password error (Password wasn’t wrong)

    Joined the machine again by MDM

    Then, Joined by AD register as well. It worked..!!

    Waited for a while to get the device on Intune portal, and deployed company portal again.

    It worked..!!! Company portal Installed..!!!!

    Best answer

    Is the Company Portal App synced with Microsoft Store for Business and delivered from Intune?
    Isn’t the Company Portal App the only UWP App?
    By the way, can the Company Portal App be installed from the store app on that device? Also, is the Private Store tab displayed?


    I have checked, Seems like there nothing in App tab. I can see only the machine name.

    I deployed Company portal to a device group that contains above mentioned device

    I made the deployment as required.

    lastly, Just I removed the machine from MDM and rebooted, I’ll wait for a while and add it again as AD registered and update you


    Hello – First of all

    – Try to access this is web portal of company portal application
    – Check whether you are able to see things there in the portal or not

    My understanding was you need to have either Azure AD Join or registration for deployments to work.

    I’m wondering how the authentication and deployments are working for other applications

    All the app deployments including the company portal are targeted to AAD Device GROUPS or USer groups?

    All are available or required?

    I’m not aware of any special requirement to install company portal app

    How to setup company portal app is explained in the below link

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