Complicated to Enroll an Android Phone in Intune


Hi All,

Why should it be so complicated to enrol an Android phone in Intune? I get an error message after I enter user details in the final stage, where I have to log in to the Portal. “Something went wrong”, an unexpected error occurred. What could be wrong with the user login? I have created a test account in the admin centre.

Posted by Janne Barck in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Janne Barck

    Jacques Landry, How many devices can you have assigned to the same user? Is there a limit?

    Replied by Daniel Dyp Jonasson

    Janne Barck five is the default limit, but you can assign up to 15 devices. But that is a separate config you must make

    Replied by Jacques Landry

    Janne Barck 15 max

    Replied by Janne Barck

    Daniel Dyp Jonasson Tack!

  2. Replied by Janne Barck

    Joe Bowers, I think you are wrong. It probably depends on which section you work in. I work in preschools and primary schools, where it is very common to share one phone per department.

    Replied by Jacques Landry

    Check the user’s license.You need an Intune license assigned to the user who enrolled the device

    Replied by Janne Barck

    Jacques Landry Yes, that was the issue.

  3. Replied by Joe Bowers

    Janne Barck is not sure about Android, but you can remove the primary user of a Windows PC. I’m not sure there are many situations where multiple people use a phone…. so you want Microsoft to cater for a very, very small use case.
    This specific “issue” isn’t confusing when you read the documentation that states you need a license… you can’t really blame Microsoft for making a confusing product when you’ve fallen at the license requirement step.

    Replied by Steven Hosking

    Janne Barck, that is a supported process, check the docs; there are defined instructions on how it works. This is a common use case for digital signage and single-use process devices

    Replied by Rakib Rahman

    Janne Dedicated device. Needs no user.

  4. Replied by Siva Kumar Mothukuru

    Check the license for the user

    Replied by Janne Barck

    Siva Kumar Mothukuru: Yeah, that was the issue.

    Replied by Joakim Hellström

    Janne Barck Was that so complicated?

    Replied by Janne Barck

    Joakim Hellström Everything is more complicated than I’m used to, Mirador. I don’t like, for example, that you need a Microsoft account when you enrol. What do you do if a phone is to be one in a department and used by several users? Can you use the same account on all the phones you

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