Configure the Network Card as a fixed IP In Hybrid Devices


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Hello, I have a group of users who, when we were with the hybrid devices, that is, in Ompremise and Azure, were able to configure the network card as a fixed IP and so on with their user, now that we migrated the devices to the cloud they clearly can no longer do this operation If you don’t have an administrator user, how can I solve it so that they can put a fixed IP on your card without needing an administrator user?

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  1. Replied by Bert Stevens

    Use DHCP. If a PC needs a specific IP address, create a reservation.

    Replied by Tom Kristiansen

    Use DHCP

    Replied by Simon Hardy

    If, for any reason, the DHCP route won’t work for you or the users need elevated rights for other tasks, then I can recommend AdminByRequest.

    Replied by Akter Hossain

    I’m echoing Bert Steven. Use DHCP, and if any device needs Fixed IP, bind the NIC’s MAC address with the specific IP.

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