Configuring Both Wi-Fi and Mobile Internet for a kiosk Device


Hi All,

I apologize for my beginner-level question.
Could you please provide guidance on the proper method for configuring both Wi-Fi and mobile internet for a kiosk device? My clients will travel abroad with the devices, where the Wi-Fi and mobile networks will often change.
Thank you.

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  1. Replied by Sean Bravener

    2 things. If they are travelling, you do not want to preset the wifi for the device as the SSID will always be changing, and if you push it out via Intune, it will get overwritten all the time.
    Kiosk mode is not really meant for computers that move around. It is meant for stationary or single-app devices.

    Replied by Anonymous member

    Sean Bravener, Thanks for your reply. Really helpful.

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