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Hi All,

For those of you who use Apple DEP, it is possible to select that users cannot select @your_company_name when creating a new Apple ID.
Is it an advantage to disable it?
So that people cannot create an Apple ID with the company name themselves, or do you create them manually for people so that someone swears to create a new Apple ID with @company_name and not use their private on the mobile phone? Pros and cons?

Posted by Jacob Engelmann Olsen in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Sean Kinney

    You can federate AzureAD with Apple Business Mgr.
    All existing “personal apple IDs” will be evicted in 90 days (I think).
    Staff can create a new “business apple id” using the same email address after federation.
    All new apple IDs created in that domain will be Apple Business IDs, not Apple Personal IDs.
    You definitely want to read up on this, as the change does affect some services.

  2. Replied by Christian Petrik

    We let them use their own Apple ID.
    But disable “find my iPhone” and other stuff. So even in case an employee quits and forgets to log in from his Apple ID, we have no problem resetting and handing devices out to other people

    Replied by Jacob Engelmann Olsen

    Christian Petrik disabled my iPhone. That was a good point . I don’t recall where that specific setting is.

    Replied by Tobias Furhem

    What I know is that when you enable federation(with Microsoft entra, for example) in Apple business manager/school manager. If you take ownership of your domain(s), any Apple IDs created outside of ABM are prompted to change to another email, basically.
    I think they have a 30 to 90-day period to actually perform that change. After that, you have control of your domain(s), and no one can create Apple IDs with those domain(s)

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