custom message Pop up for apps (Add-on/plugin) deployment in Intune


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I have an application which is an Outlook plugin. But before installing this, the outlook should close. So end-user should get a message notification that “Close the outlook to install plugin” like that.
This scenario how to implement it in intune.

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  1. The only option to initiate scheduled task to enable the toast notification exe

    As I showed in the following log –

    [Win32App] Toast message with: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Intune Management Extension\agentexecutor.exe” -toast “ToastDownloadingMessage” “TWljcm9zb2Z0IEVkZ2UgZm9yIFdpbmRvd3MgMTA=” “eyJDb21wYW55TmFtZSI6IiIsIkNvbG9yQmFja2dyb3VuZExvZ29VcmkiOm51bGwsIldoaXRlQmFja2dyb3VuZExvZ29VcmkiOm51bGwsIkFjY2VudENvbG9yIjoyOTM4Mn0=” “-1”]

  2. I don’t know any other option. May be Martin can help you with more details


    this tool is amazing, but the issue is not available. Its applicable only UpgradeOS,
    PendingReboot and ADPasswordExpiration

  3. I think you can look at Martin’s solution for Intune custom toast notifications

    Best answer

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