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I have been asked y my customer to customise the Start Menu, remove some of the un-wanted items such as the default Mail client, which has to be removed from the Taskbar too, Microsoft Store etc. and to add some custom icons and applications. I have read some articles that suggest to use custom XML templates, but this seems very complex, is there not a easier option?

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    Custom start menu and taskbar is currently controlled via a custom BCE, and we want to move away from this to vanilla OS deployment. I will test and follow required steps and look to custom XML.

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    Thanks the first article was the same one I found, so no other option, and I will have a reads through the second 2.

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    • It’s a bit complex..

      But there are three asks in your question

      1. Remove unwanted apps? – To do this Sync your Intune with Microsoft store and deploy uninstall assignment for the mail client, same for all the other applications .. Try this

      2. Customizing start menu
      3. Adding new Apps

      Yes – You need to use custom XML to do it. Otherwise, you can deploy a PowerShell if you have something ready to do these changes

      How do you do this in the Group policy world or domain join scenario?

  1. Hello, Prepare a machine, Customize the start layout as you want. [Ex – Remove Mail Client]

    – Export the Start layout

    To Export the Start Layout :- Run Powershell as administrator, Execute the following command

    Export-StartLayout –path .xml

    -Use the exported layout XML with Intune.

    For More Details Refer MS Article –

    Customize Task Bar Use only required apps –

    Check Article By Paul Winstanley –

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