Deploy a PowerShell to Uninstall O365 Pro Plus


Hi All,

Maybe someone has done it before. I’ve been trying to deploy a PowerShell to uninstall O365 Pro Plus Retail (different’s way nothing has worked). Could you share yours experiences?, please.

Posted by Kristian Canizalez in HTMD FB Group

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    For More Details How to Retrieve PowerShell Scripts from Intune using Microsoft Graph

    Replied by Kasper Sven Mozart Johansen

    You can use an XML file, just like when you install Microsoft 365 Apps. Here’s an example:

    Although I have not yet tested it, I suspect that this configuration will also remove Visio and Projects, so test, test, test

    Replied by Zaheen Memon

    If you want a script to find GUID. This is the link.

    Replied by Sean Bravener

    your best way is going to be running MSIEXEC /x {MSI-GUID} for the main installer. that will remove all the bits that were installed as part of office. you can dig up the MSI by hitting the reg in the uninstall hive

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