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Custom App(.exe ) deployment issue
we got a requirement to deploy the Custom Develop App from Intune. We converted the file to .intunewin and uploaded it to Intune, deployed to device groups but after some time, it showed a different error(in below) . I am not sure how to resolve this issue, hence I am requesting your help to resolve the issue
1. The unmonitored process is in progress, however, it may timeout. (0x87D300C9)
2.The application was not detected after the installation was completed successfully (0x87D1041C)
Enrollment method: Enroll only in device management
Detection rule :File File C:Program Files (x86)Donation – Novus Dorise
While installing the App on my device, the install folder was taken to C:Program Files (x86) instead of C:Program Files, and after installing the App on the device, not able to find App information in the Registry.
Can you please confirm, if there is any issue with the App development side?

Posted by Kusetty Palakondrayudu in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Hasan Feroz

    What is the detection rule?

    Replied by Kusetty Palakondrayudu

    Hasan Feroz Detection rule I used :
    Registry ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWOW6432NodeMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall{55DBCCCB-3E19-42C5-9957-7DA2D2CFA94D}_is1
    Value name : DisplayVersion
    Detection method: Version Comparison
    operator: Greater than

    Replied by Tommy Moran

    Running PowerShell in 32bit 64-bit contests a well

    Replied by Turf Ringberg

    I’ve packaged hundreds of apps. What’s the app?
    Tip – use a part that has built-in logging.
    Does the app require admin rights to install?
    #1 App may be hung up
    #2 Update the detection rule and click the slider to turn on “associated with a 32-bit app on 64-bit clients”

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