Deploy Win32 app (Intune win ), Fatal Error during Installation( 0x80070643)

I have deployed a Win32 app (.intunewin) a few months ago and everything worked without any issues.
The app was installed on each device without any issues when the app was initially deployed in Intune.
Although, today one user who was given a new PC and they have been assigned to the ‘Required’ group for the app keep getting an error that says “Fatal error during installation (0x80070643)”
why is this occurring when the app was installed successfully a few months ago on the user’s old PC when it was initially deployed.
I made sure that all Office apps and other programs are closed. I reached out to Microsoft and they are saying that I should try deploying the app as a LOB app.
I am not sure why I would have to redeploy it as a LOB app.
What would prevent the app from installing now when it is installed successfully on the user’s old PC?
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    Replied by David Hastur Hornman

    Seems like the plugin requires webview2 and visual studio 2010 to function properly per their support page..
    Are those installed as well?

    (Maybe an image of text that says “22:56 Symptoms When trying to install or update the Office Timeline Add-in, the installation fails and you get an error message that says “Error installing: Catastrophic failure”: Office Timelna Something went wrong. The setup might get corrupted. Error installing: Catastrophic failure, Overview This issue typically occurs when one of the prerequisites is missing on your computer. Office Timeline requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Edge Webiew2 Runtime to properly function. In order to develop new build faster with the hotfix included, we would appreciate it ifyou could send us the installation logs attached to an e-mail to”)

    Replied by Aamer Shedam

    Try repackaging the app as well. Apparently, their intune packaging tool on GitHub was updated and there was an issue with apps failing on the ESP page. It was fixed by recreating the win32 package using a newer tool


    Replied by Mattias Melkersen Kalvåg

    Do not create the app as a LOB.
    Try the app manually on the device before doing anything else. It is usually because of a prerequisite missing.
    This might give you some tips

    Replied by Lee Burridge

    Mattias Melkersen Kalvåg agreed also MS patches can break certain functionalities. I would manually install with verbose logging if possible (devs can tell you if there is a switch) and see if it still fails.

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