Deployed the Company Portal App from Microsoft Store for Business to Windows 10 Devices

I have deployed the company portal app (offline version) from Microsoft Store for business to windows 10 devices, however, in one device it’s showing failed.
I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but the application is failing again and again on that particular laptop.
Any suggestions to remediate this issue?
May be an image of text that says "S Company Portal Installation details Refresh ion, resol Device last check-in time 9/7/2021 6:45:25 PM App assigned to group Test-company portal 9/7/2021 6:44:48 PM Window- Unknown action of app 9/7/2021 5:55:56 PM h Hide details for Win... Error code: 0x87D1041C The application was not detected after installation completed successfully Suggested remediation Couldn't detect app because was manually updated after installation or uninstalled Agent installed 9/3/2021 2:24:12PM 29°C"
Posted by Soutumi De Debnath in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Avi Achiel

    Soutumi De Debnath maybe this will help

    Replied by Ayushi S Sharma

    Found solution to this? Facing similar issue for windows devices

    Replied by Soutumi De Debnath

    Ayushi S Sharma nope, I finally deployed an online application instead offline

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    Replied by Soutumi De Debnath

    Zaheen Memon because if we deployed it online for autopilot devices it will take users to the ms store to get the app.

    Hence as suggested in MS Blog I have deployed it as an offline version. And Yes, it’s getting the apps published in the company portal but in Intune, the error is showing the company portal app installation failed.

    Note: I have deployed the company portal app to all autopilot devices last week and there was no error till last Friday however today the error came for one laptop only which is strange

    Replied by Zaheen Memon

    Soutumi De Debnath It doesn’t take users to Store. You Get the App from the Store and sync it with Apps in Intune. It will install Automatically even if you block Public Store and only allow Private Store.

    The online version will always stay current. It will be managed by the store and you will have the latest client. While offline is managed by Intune.

    You ideally should only use the offline version if you need to manage a Particular version of the App.

    Why would you not use the Online version? Online version installs with ESP. I have done more than 100k devices and I have not deployed the Offline version for any of my clients.

    They include Defense, Government, Finance, Council, etc.


    Replied by Joe Bowers
    It’s not saying failed it’s saying failed to detect after installation
    I’ve seen this a lot but always investigated and found it was installed and there was no problem.

    I think it’s a bit janky but tends to work. If it’s a problem and you’re finding it’s not installed I’d raise it with ms support.

    I feel like it’s just one of them mostly inconsequential issues that they’ll fix one day

    Replied by Lukas DeejayTechpro
    Store for business apps, especially offline licensed, are buggy as FK. I regularly see this issue in multiple environments.

    It eventually resolves after a few days. Microsoft is aware of it but says „it’s just a cosmetic issue“.

    Replied by Zaheen Memon

    Why offline version? 2nd. Sometimes it shows as failed but in a day or 2 it gets detected fine.
    Did it install? Does it exist? Does it have any problems?


    Replied by Eddie S Jackson

    Try to install the MSIX, manually. See what happens.
    And/or…check C:ProgramDataMicrosoftIntuneManagementExtensionLogs

    There are NUMEROUS reasons it could be failing:

    –win build version
    –missing files
    –previous corrupt installation
    –failing detection
    –connectivity problems
    –a hundred more reasons

    Replied by Soutumi De Debnath

    Eddie S Jackson, it’s not any win32/lob app. It’s company portal app which is available in Microsoft business store

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