Deploying the Datto RMM Agent using Microsoft Endpoint Manager(formerly Intune)


I am referring to the below article to install Datto RMM via PowerShell script but I don’t see it getting installed. Works fine if I run the script manually on a device.

Can anyone please help here!?

Posted by Ashish Mangtani in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Chris Brackett

    We use this. We set it up as a PowerShell script. Have you forced an Intune Sync?

    Does the device show under Device Status for that script? We run the script with the 3 NOs, to run this script, enforce, and run in 64.

    Replied by Ashish Mangtani
    Chris Brackett Yes device status shows success for this script. It’s in 64 modes only

    Replied by Chris Brackett
    Ashish Mangtani we use No on running in 64-bit mode.


    Replied by David Hastur Hornman
    Are you deploying the script using win32, via PowerShell script, or with proactive remediations?

    Replied by Phil Brown
    Having used Datto RMM previously, my question is why would you want to continue using it when you already have Intune.

    Replied by Tom Kristiansen
    Phil Brown, you don’t need Datto RMM when you have to intune

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