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we have some MacBooks that are automatically enrolled through Apple DEP. They are also joined into Intune.
Configuration and Compliance Policies are working fine. They are getting assigned successfully.
But the status of the device is non compliant. I assume thats due to the primary user is missing.

Is there a way to make the device compliant without an primary user assigned? Or is it working as intended? Is there are workaround?

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  1. Do you mean the non – compliance message is clearly stating that there is a primary user assigned and that is the reason for non-compliance?

    Or is this what you think? Because I have not seen noncompliance because of the missing primary users.


      We have MacOS devices that are non compliant. But if I go into the device and look up “Device Compliance” and “Device” Configuration” everything is green.
      I assume it’s due to a missing primary user.

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