Discovered apps are shown for a device which is hybrid azure ad joined not in


Discovered apps are shown for a device which is hybrid azure ad joined..but when we go to client apps under monitor > discovered apps , there it does not show the apps for hybrid azure ad joined devices.need to know why

Followed this article its mentioned but there is no config manager in the environment still not showing under diwocvered appa

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    I believe you also need to transfer some SCCM workloads to Intune to be able to do that, other wise it will keep telling you to refer to SCCM for all the details?

    Just a thought?


    I don’t think client apps are the place to check discovered apps …

    Can you let me which kind of report you are loooking for Pls


      So i would like to know when we go to client apps under monitor we get discovered apps option. When we click over there it shows us the report of all the apps. But in that report its not showong showing the application name for the device which are hybrud azure ad joined.
      Now if i go to all devices and select any hybrid azure ad joined device and on left side it shows discovered apps then it shows all the list of apps.. so i would like to know why is it not showing over there i.e>intune> client apps > monitor-discovered apps. I have shared the link as well in my question its mentioned over there hybrid azure ad joined does not collect the app inventory so that that mean the application will not shows under clients apps>monitor-discovered apps??


    Hello anoop, thanks for the quick response.
    Yes those device are corporate owned devices which are only managed by Intune.
    So not even a single entry is been shown under client apps> discovered apps. But if we select a particular hybrid azure ad joined device it shows the apps under discovered apps ,but not under client apps where we can get the report for all the count of devices or users.


    Always makes sure the heading of the question is correct

    Discovered apps are only available for Corporate-owned devices which are managed by Intune

    Discovered apps won’t be available for personal devices.

    More details

    Did you see all those hybrid azure AD joined devices managed only by Intune?

    If it’s managed by both INtune and SCCM, then SCCM shall be collecting application details not Intune

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