Easiest option to move 2016 LTSC to Windows 11


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Easiest option to move 2016 LTSC to Win 11? We have about 50 devices overseas that we want to pivot to Win 11 by the end of the year. And remote / automatable options? They are scattered, no local domains or servers.


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    Replied by MichÆl Courville

    I’m doing exactly this with a client (2000 devices) using SCCM… but no one wants to consider it anymore nowadays.. “antiquated and burdensome” they say, but it does the work.

    Replied by Keri Saxowsky

    We had to do this from ITSB to 10 enterprise. It’s a process. I’ll see if I have any old documentation. I’m not sure if you can go from lTSC to 11. Might have to get it over to pro or enterprise 10 first.


    Replied by MichÆl Courville

    Adam Brewer indeed.
    You can upgrade from Windows 10 LTSC to Windows 10 General Availability Channel if you upgrade to the same or a newer build version. For example, Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB can be upgraded to Windows 10 Enterprise version 1607 or later. Upgrade is supported using the in-place upgrade process using Windows setup.https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/upgrade/windows-10-upgrade-paths

    Replied by Lukas DeejayTechpro

    If the hardware is compatible, In place upgrade. The trick is to add the Pro/Enterprise license key as a parameter for the Setup.exe.

    Replied by Aaron Sharp

    LTSC does not support feature updates. They will have to be touched somehow.


    For More Details End of the Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel Era | LTSC is Primary Channel

    Replied by Per Larsen

    Only supported option is wipe and load the OS.

    Replied by MichÆl Courville

    Per Larsen In-place upgrades work, too.

    Replied by Adam Brewer

    MichÆl Courville “Work” and “are supported” are two different things.

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