Efficient Tools for Migrating from Active Directory to Azure AD


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Migrating from Active Directory domain to Azure AD only
 What solutions do you use to migrate companies from domain to Azure AD? At the minute, we use Profwiz to migrate the user account to an Azure AD account, but it is very time-consuming. I was wondering if anyone has found any tools to simplify this process.
We do not require hybrid join, as many of our customers no longer need an on-premise server.
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    Replied by Steven McKenzie

    We use Profwiz as a last resort as it breaks things, so we only do it for some engineering computers, etc. Normally, do a computer wipe.

    Replied by Steve Reid

    We didn’t have any issues with ProfWiz (and we deployed it programmatically, so it didn’t take up much time ). We did approx 100 machines in 2 days.

    Replied by Jason ‘Beans’ Inks

    Turn off the sync. Wait 8-72 hours (depending on how big the org is), and you will have shiny new cloud-only groups and accounts.
    Are all the machines Entra ID Joined already?

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