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Hi All,

I want to create a compliance policy for my iOS devices, I tried to make my device compliant, but there is one setting that I can’t find a way to fix – Unable to set up email on the device. Could you please show me how to fix it?
I tried searching about it, and the way I read in the article is to create an email configuration profile, but I’m not sure if it’s correct. And if that’s true, then honestly, I’m not familiar with setting up the email profile.
My end goal is to want the email requirement to be active.
Thank you so much for any help!

Posted by Caenapo Sanada in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Ronald van der Meer

    The user of the device probably has set up the company email account on the iPhone before the policy has been pushed. Have the user delete the mail account. Then the policy will take over. There seems to be no other way to fix that.

    Replied by Caenapo Sanada

    Thank you for your reply. I deleted the existing email on the device, and the device became compliant, but my end goal is for the email to be active. Is there a way to

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