Enable of allow installation from unknown sources


I wish to enable the option of allow installation from unknown sources for a Android devices which are enrolled with Android device admin into Intune


Is there a policy that we can enforce to set this

If we push the Lob app as the company portal is looking as Unknown source users has to go and enable the permission manually, Instead can we enforce some configuration policy


I do see there is one for Android enterprise but I am unable to find for Android device admin


Can we do with Oma Uri?

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  1. Unfortuntely I’m not so sure aboout those OMA-URI settings.

    When I looked at last time (2 years before), Google support was very limited in that area.


    Thanks Anoop

    I do heard that we can control using Oma Uri but finding hard to get the key of that particular setting

    Not sure if we really have the key or not

    Any other suggestion that we can enforce to bypass that permission to deploy the Lob app

  2. Yes I have the same understanding some of the policies are only applicable for Android for Enterprise not for device admin.

    Device Admin devices are treated as BYO

    Android for Enterprise devices are treated as CYO

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