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Hi All,

Anyone enabled Endpoint Analytics in Intune? What are the URL’s to be enabled for the inventory to get uploaded to Intune and show in the console?

Posted by Bhoosa Satish Yadav in HTMD FB Group

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    Fore More Details Check Windows 11 Hardware Readiness Insights from Intune Endpoint Analytics

    Replied by Darrell Shand

    There are loads of URLs you have to whitelist for Intune. However you originally asked about ports. Is that a language confusion between ports and URL’s.

    Replied by Bhoosa Satish Yadav

    Yes …https://graph.windows.net/,https://l.facebook.com/l.php
    Apart from the above do we have to whitelist any other URLs for endpoint analytics.

    Replied by Darrell Shand

    Have you read the relevant MS learn pages. As they list all the prerequisites. I’m on my phone so can’t provide URLs

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