Encryption of data storage policy stays as ” non compliance ( Error code – “2016345612 (Syncml(500): The recipient encountered an unexpected.. ” )


Hi Team,

We are working on making devices to compliant from non compliant ( windows pc )

While doing so we observed for one of device , the encryption of data storage policy is to ” non compliant ” with error code-” 2016345612 (Syncml(500): The recipient encountered an unexpected “. Though pc is encrypted, tried steps like took off the encryption and encrypted again. Bitlocker shows files are encrypted.

But still the status of PC in the console is showing as ” non compliance ” , not sure where could be the problem.

If any device , please help.


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    ANy update on this issue?


    What are the compliance policies you have setup?

    If it is Default polices and is assigned to the group then even if the computer is not active for some days, it shows non compliant.

  1. Hello – I have not seen this issue but

    The error code means -2016345612,2,Syncml: The recipient encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request

    I would strongly recommend going through the post from Joy !! You might probably get more details hints there


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