Enforcing Android Screen Lock PINs on Corporate-Owned Devices


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Hi Guys
Regarding the enforcement of Android screen lock PINs.
We have devices enrolled as Corporate-owned, fully managed user devices. Historically, they had the PIN set as 1212. For example, we need all the devices to change their PINs. Is there a simple way to do this in a Device restriction policy?
I can set up a Configuration profile to make the PIN a minimum of 6 digits, however, this does not enforce it, it only shows that the devices with 4 digit PIN have errors. I can set PIN expiration to 1 day to enforce the change, however, some devices may to be seen for weeks at a time, so that would not work.
This is the error for my device, which has a 1212 PIN

Posted By Peter Duncan in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Peter Duncan

    This is the policy that I created.


    Replied by Peter Duncan

    Marty James, I will look at that next week. I only have one mobile to test with, so one policy at a time!

    Replied by Vitalij Charitonov

    Do you have a policy set for user groups or device groups?

    Replied by John Omar Pol

    Have you checked your device compliance?

    Replied by Engr Samer Almur

    Peter Duncan, your policy says a minimum of 6 digits, but your Android has 4 digits. Of course, you get these errors, buddy


    Replied by Marty James

    I found that it wouldn’t force the change on existing devices (new devices are fine).
    You’ll need a compliance policy to somewhat force the user, but again they don’t HAVE to change it (unless you set your compliance policy to block access if not compliant :)).
    So I would create a compliance policy to require 6 digits.

    Replied by Peter Duncan

    Marty James, I did that yesterday, and it pushes notifications and sends emails. Seems to work a treat.
    However, they also have devices in ‘Corporate-owned dedicated devices. ‘ I will investigate how I can deal with those, as they are useless.

    Replied by Peter Duncan

    Marty James, and they are all remote from me!
    Corporate-owned, fully managed user device – 41 Devices
    Corporate-owned dedicated devices – 73 devices.

    Replied by Marty James

    Peter Duncan yeah I think you’ll need to physically update those….happy to be proven wrong

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