Enforcing Microsoft Teams Always-On and Restricting User Quitting


Hi All,

Are there any policies out there to enforce Teams to always be on and remove users the ability to quit Teams?


Posted by Alvin Nguyen in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by James McKelvie

    There are other ways to get out of meetings, kill the network connection being one.

    Replied by Steve Prentice


    Replied by Gilberto De Campos

    No sense. After that you will be asked for a policy not allow users to close their eyes..

    Replied by Jason Loebbaka

    Just tell those CKS you have in management no, this isn’t the kind of admin you want to be


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    Replied by Darrell Shand

    Teams is more unstable than my ex wife your users will hate you

    Replied by Sean Bravener

    Due to instability it is going to be hard to get this policy to work. you can set services to auto restart up to 3 times but teams current is Notorias for instability

    Replied by Peter Cashen

    Maybe just superglue users to their seats? There are better ways to get your users to work harder

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