Enroll Using Company Portal in 23H2 win 11 Version


Hi All,

We are trying to enroll using company portal but getting error windows version doesn’t match, though it’s 23H2 win 11 version, what should we do

Posted by Nilesh Chaudhari in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Rom Mel

    check min-max VER

    Replied by Dennis Wallman

    Are you trying to enroll Windows Home?


    Replied by Mushavhi Vho Mafhungo

    I think there’s something wrong with your security group Dynamic query setup under Azure portal.

    Replied by Alluru Subodh

    Is it pro or enterprise??

    Replied by Thor Velling

    Need to see the environment before i Can come With more details


    For More Details Download Windows 11 23H2 Administrative Templates

    Replied by John Bryntze

    Strange if 23H2.
    Go Devices -> Device onboarding -> Enrollment-> Device platform restriction
    Under windows restriction click on one in the list, probably default- check the min/max version and adjust.
    23H2 you say but not if you got June updates installed… install those and you should be good to go

    Replied by Jimi McNear Jr.

    John Bryntze the June update still is 23H2. 24H2 is still in preview.

    Replied by Thor Velling

    Sounds like your missing some setup or have restricted enrollment

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