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From HTMD community class for intune on day 5,6 7 about Enrollment of devices, I conclude as below…

Please correct me if im wrong.

1. Irrespective of Company owned device or BYOD/personal device,

1.a) if we log on using Corporate credentials in a device ,then that device will be termed as Azure AD joined device and these devices can avail both MDM and MAM feature ?

1.b) If we log on using personal credentials in a device ,then that device will be termed as Azure Registered device and these devices can avail only MAM feature  and not MDM feature?

2.Is MDM agent embedded in all Win 10 devices?

2.a) MDM Agent can be compared to SCCM Agent ?

2.b) MDM Enrollment is actually the Enrollment of devices in Intune?

2.b) When Group policy is enabled in AAD for automatic enrolment in intune via MDM , the devices which are ONLY joined to AAD (and not AAD registered device )will get automatically enrolled?


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    Tq sir for your prompt response.
    And ,Im not sure what heading i mentioned…
    May i know what i mentioned


    Hello Santhosh – Please take care of the heading of the question before you post. I changed it now for you :)

    1.a – Azure AD Join – YES. This is the simplest way to understand. But Azure AD Join is similar to DOMAIN join devices in terms of logon experience to Windows 10 device. But Domain join and Azure AD join are entirely different. There are many other scenarios

    1.b – Azure AD Registered – YES, this is the simplest way to understand. Yes, you can use a local user or your personal email id to login to BYO devices.

    1.c – You have not mentioned the third scenario – This is called Hybrid Azure AD Join. Hybrid Azure AD join is a traditional domain joined device + Azure AD registered.

    2. a Yes MDM agent code is part of Windows 10 operating system unlike SCCM agent – Refer to first video in the list https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL67vGzo-INWO_0e-iSXsMHoRwB1mrTvU4

    2.b As I covered in the first Intune session on Sunday – there is one more additional agent only for Intune and that called Intune management extension. This agent is similar to SCCM agent.

    2.c – It’s not called GROUP POLICY as such. But it’s MDM Auto-enrollment policy. Yes and you are correct. It’s only applicable for Azure AD joined devices.

    More Details

    Azure AD Join Vs Azure AD Registered – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/azure-ad-registered-vs-joined-noel-fairclough/

    Windows 10 mdm ARCHITECTURE https://www.anoopcnair.com/windows-10-mdm-troubleshooting-guide/

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