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After renaming the endpoint from control panel ,it did not reflect in Intune/AAD portal so I deleted the endpoint name(old name) in Intune and Azure AD portal, now will the endpoints be discovered automatically by Intune/AAD or how  because in SCCM the machines will be discovered based on configuration…

Is there any discovery process in Intune like we have in SCCM


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  1. No there is no discovery process like sccm for Intune


      Thank you sir

      So if we have a Windows Endpoint which is AAD joined+ MDM enrolled and when we delete the endpoint name from Intune or Azure portal the name will not appear again in portal?

      Secondly, can Intune admins control windows endpoints that are ONLY AAD joined or ONLY AAD registered or ONLY Hybrid(AD+AAD)?

      Lastly, in the Intune portal we have windows auto enrollment option ,if that MAM is disabled ,how to enroll to MAM manually

      • 1. I don’t know I have not tested it. You might need to check this by initiating a resync from the device.
        2. Yes you can manage AADJ or AAD Registered or Hybrid AAD joined devices.
        3. MAM is disabled or BYOD MDM is disabled from enrollment restrictions? I don’t know any manual way. Disabled is disabled 🙂

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