Enrollment of Windows 10 Co managed device


I know the device registration cannot happen with Office E1 license But I have a scenario that’s happening

We have Sccm Co managed Windows 10 devices where post build we will be using one test user account with E1 license and login to check the build is successful or not

I have checked in the licenses for that user and Intune license is no where assigned for that user

When we login into the machine with our test account and not sure it’s getting enrolled to  Intune with  and that account showing the user as Our test account

We have configured the auto enrollment to the windows devices only if users are part of specific Ad group and the test account that we use is not part of that Azure Ad group

Any View on this scenario on How it’s getting enrolled with our test account…I know it’s crazy question where it should not happen but it’s happening somehow in our environment which leads us for the inaffective Asset Inventory management

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    Thanks Anoop

    Does that means the license get assigned to Device itself when we build the machine with Sccm

    Correct me if I am wrong

    If that’s the case can you suggest some article so that I can go through that thoroughly which will help us in reducing license Usage

  1. Hello Suresh – Is this worth noting down Intune is free for SCCM co-managed Windows 10 devices?

    So the behavior you are seeing is expected isn’t it?

    Does that make sense?

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