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Hi All,

How do you ensure SSO is enabled for O365 when a Windows device is Intune enrolled/azure AD joined?
Is there any configuration profile required for SSO?
We’re trying to ensure that when you go to portal.office.com, it uses SSO to keep users signed in.

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  1. Replied by Rain Veldemann

    Chrome: Install Windows Accounts extension
    Firefox: Enable SSO setting.
    Edge: should work by default

    Replied by Marco Segura

    If the machine is Azure ad joined (Intune is out of the scope here), your device will be Kerberos enabled with cloud services (Microsoft 365). There will be a key rotation and other security measures, but in general, in the first login of an AzureAD user, the profile sets trust and security (especially in edge) to warranty that.
    In a similar way, if you have Office365 or Teams or again Edge, all of them will trust the profile and do so by token/certificate and depending on your security (Windows Hello, password or pin), it will do the same easier or request password and can be per app or location and will ask MFA if enabled

    Replied by Tim Mills

    Rain Veldemann this has been replaced with a reg setting

    Replied by Rain Veldemann

    Tim Mills, what setting?

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